Chair Holders




Kefyalew Dagnew Addisu (PhD) Chemical Engineering Chemical and Biotechnology Chair Holder
Elias Wagari Gabisa (PhD) Chemical Engineering Energy and Environmental Engineering Chair Holder
Metadel Kassahun Abera (PhD) Chemical Engineering Process Engineering Chair Holder
Aynadis Molla (PhD)  Food Engineering Food and Beverage process chair holder
Admasu Fanta  (PhD) Food Engineering Food Quality and Safety Chair holder
 Mesfin Wogayehu Tenagashaw (PhD) Applied Human Nutrition Applied Human Nutrition Chair Holder
Solomon Workneh Fanta (PhD)  Mixed Postharvest Technology chair holder


 Duties and Responsibilities:

The chair holder is appointed by the scientific director and accountable to Faculty Dean. The academic rank of chair holder should be associate professor and above. If the chair is not appointed by merit, he/she shall serve for the chair system for two years and shall be responsible for:

  • Serve as a key person in the generation, packaging and delivery of knowledge and skill in the Chair area;
  • Organizing, Planning, implementing and monitoring the chair’s academic and research, consultancy and community service activities and Set academic and research goals for the chair system;
  • Initiating and executing interdisciplinary research on various issues related to the chair system and the development of centers of excellence.
  • Coordinate and organize MSc and PhD programs relevant for the chair.
  • Assist M.Sc. and PhD students to play various roles in assisting course delivery.
  • Organize, control and monitor laboratories under the chair. This includes establishing research laboratories, requesting for purchase of new equipments, preparing standard laboratory rules and regulations, preparing standard laboratory manual, preparing and maintaining documentation of maintenance and operation manuals for all equipments.
  • Coordinate and monitor course guidebook, assessment and text books for courses administered under the chair;
  • Assign instructors for courses administered under the chair based on the request of academic program officer.
  • Ensuring that the teaching-learning process is focused on academic principles that are up to date and emphasize research and an enquiry based.
  • Focusing on bridging the gap between theory and practical knowledge through strong partnerships between the academic staff, students and industrial partners.
  • Autonomously administering the budget allocated by the Faculty and funds obtained from the chairs external, third-party research and community service.
  • Negotiating and securing funding in addition to the budget from the institute, the university as well as potential external funding sources.
  • Recruiting and selecting new staff members, counseling of new and junior staff members, carrying out necessary performance assessments and making arrangements for the professional development of all staff under the chair.
  • Integrating student research and projects in order to increase their relevance and ensure that the results of such efforts benefit the stakeholder sponsors.
  • Regularly conferring with members of the chair on such matters as the courses they will teach, their scheduling and the selection of textbooks and laboratory manuals.
  • Periodically revising the course listings, course contents, the scheduling of courses and securing supplementary teaching materials under the chair.
  • Conduct periodic and continuous impact assessment and evaluation on the performance of the chair’s teaching-learning processes;
  • Recruiting and selecting new staff members, counseling of new and junior staff members, carrying out necessary performance assessments and making arrangements for the professional development of all staff.
  • Allocating equitable staff workloads, taking the balance of the staff member's engagement in teaching, research, consulting, scholarly publication, committee activity and relevant off-campus activities into account.
  • Organize seminars, presentations, discussions, and other sessions;
  • Providing students and other educational and research customers of the faculty with up to date guidebooks and other relevant support to enhance their experience with the faculty and the services it delivers;
  • Develop, administer, and correct program aptitude tests;
  • Avails learning materials through soft and hard-copy
  • Prepare quarterly, half year and yearly report on the teaching-learning process, research and community service of his chair system;
  • Analyze evaluation report of all instructors and advisors on time.
  • Undertake any other related tasks given by the dean


Chair of Food Safety and Quality


Tadele Andargie Wudineh ( Assi. Prof.)

P.O.Box:  26


Phone: +251-918-78 20 83

 Chair of Chemical and Biotechnology


Kefyalew Dagnew Addisu (PhD)

Assistant Professor

Office: Agri building #108#

 Chair of Food and Beverage Process 


 Agmassie Agazie Abera ( MSc)

 P.O.Box:  26

Fax: +251582264418


Phone: +251-991-621947


 Chair of Process Engineering 



Metadel Kassahun Abera (PhD)

Associate professor of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering;

Process Engineering chairholder

Faculty of Chemical and Food Engineering

Bahir Dar Institute of Technology, Bahir Dar University

 cell phone:+251900418808

 Chair of Energy and Environmental Engineering


Elias Wagari Gabisa (PhD)

 Tell: +251994519911

Skype: Elias.wagari86

Research Gate:



 Chair of Postharvest Technology

Solomon Workneh Fanta (PhD)

Associate Professor, Process Engineering and Postharvest Technology,

Postharvest Technology chair holder at Bahirdar Institute of Technology (BiT)

Post box number: 26


Phone: +251 902098513

 Chair of Applied Human Nutrition

Mesfin Wogayehu (PhD)

 Post box number: 26


Phone: +251 911 319136