Call for Trainers

It is remembered that Faculty of Chemical and Food Engineering has won a project as per the competitive call from Food, beverage and Pharmaceutical Industry Development Institute (FBPIDI). One of the activities of the project is to offer short term Trainings to Food and Beverage Sector researchers, company experts and regional industry bureau professionals about food Innovation, Food production, Food Business plan development and Food waste treatment in the industrial parks.
Now, the faculty is looking for experienced trainers who are capable enough to give training on “food waste treatment” in the industrial parks.
The training course aims to develop the competences of up to 20 above mentioned target groups and contents may include:

  •    What is Waste Management
  •    Various Sources of  Waste
  •    Effects of Poor  Waste Management
  •    Methods of  Waste Management
  •    How to sustain  waste management in industrial parks and related issues

Candidates will be evaluated according to the following matrixes:
1.    CV- particularly indicating experiences in giving such kinds of training with certification of appreciation attached with (if any)
2.    Letter of motivation concerning the area
3.    Concept note/TOR on how to manage the training (max- 2 pages)
Please submit hard copies of your credentials to the Faculty secretary.
Deadline: Saturday, 07 Dec, 2019 (27/03/2012 E.C)

Sat, 12/07/2019