Food Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Food Engineering
Hosting Unit 
Faculty of Chemical and Food Engineering
Program Description:
Program graduates are able to solve the dynamic cross-cutting problems in the food and beverage industry sub sectors related to other disciplines. The program gives the students such a broad background that they can fit in different sections demanding the professionals in the areas of Food Process, Beverage processing, Microbial Industry, Pharmacology, Design of new products … etc. In addition they will have good laboratory skills in food chemistry, food analysis, food microbiology, food biotechnology, food machineries, food processing technologies, food process equipment.  They are also able to conduct demand driven researches on proper optimization of industrial and agricultural food processes including by-products utilization, optimization of raw materials, postharvest loss reduction and improvement of  shelf life, chemical and microbiological changes of foods, manipulation of microbes for the development of novel, nutritionally and functionally enhanced food products, scale up of indigenous food and beverage processing technology and other similar disciplines independently.
Since its launching, more than 17 batches (nearly 1020 students) were graduated and most of them are working:
  • From the level of production supervision to the general manager position in various food and beverage industries.
  • Instructors at higher level institutions
  • Researchers at different sector
  • Manager of food related laboratories  
  • Leaders in different areas of Food Engineering in the country and elsewhere in the world. 
  • Advisors and consultants to policy makers, food and beverage industries
  • Designers in Food process engineering and technologies with special emphasis on national problem.
  • Innovators and Entrepreneurs in the areas of Food Engineering. 
Duration of the program
Five years
Medium of Instruction
Admission criteria
Applicants should achieve the minimum score on Ethiopian Higher Education Qualification Certificate Examination (EHEQCE) or equivalent which satisfies admission cut point to higher education set by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and the Higher Education Relevance and Quality Agency. 
Annual intake
60 students
Tuition fee
(2020/21 rate)
Contact person
Admasu Fenta (PhD, Assoc. professor).
Sadik Jemal (Asst. Professor)