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Food Technology is a branch of science that deals with the techniques involved in the production, processing, preservation, packaging, labeling, quality management, and distribution of food products. The program aims to provide broad-based education and training to enable graduates to meet the challenges of the profession in a rapidly growing food & beverage industry that exists in the country.  It is significantly important for the agri-food industry to improve process efficiency, enhance product quality and, extend shelf-life of fresh and processed agri-food products. Applications of food technology within the food system can allow production of foods in adequate quantities to meet the needs of rapidly growing population. Population increment in Ethiopia coupled with postharvest losses, lack of processing, lack of consumers’ demand for better quality, nutritious, shelf-stable and convenience foods needs such an innovative field of study. Today, our production-to-consumption food system is complex, and our food must be safe, nutritious, abundant, diverse, convenient, and more readily accessible than ever before.

A strong and dynamic food processing industries are important for diversification and commercialization of agriculture, which involves more than 85% of the country's population. That is why Ethiopia has been followingan agriculture-led- industrialization development policy, at the strategy of encouraging the export of value added finished products anddomestic market stabilization. With the rising demand for processed food and increased exports of food and food products, food technology as a career option is becoming more well-liked. Even employment rate has been grown more rapidly in the food and beverage industries (9.6%) than in manufacturing as a whole (6.5% annually).

In general, for Ethiopia to come out of poverty and make a meaningful economic development, it has to give emphasis to the development of food technology, which is found at its infancy stage. Above all, this program is very crucial for a country whose economy is agro-based and endowed with unexploited diverse indigenous technology of food, waiting for research and development.

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Agimassie A. Abera

Chair for Food & Beverage Process Engineering

Bahir Dar Institute of Tecnology

Mobile: 0991621947

E-mail:  agimas23@gmail.com