Energy and Environmental Engineering


Ø In the field of Environmental and Energy engineering serve the community in teaching learning and professional Community services   related with Energy and Environment.

Ø Focusing on problem solving research activities provided that the output of the research serving the community  based on the direction and priority given by the institute


In the coming Ten years the chair vision will be , to be  center of Excellence in  Energy and Environmental Engineering and being a source of pride for the Bahir Dar Institute of Technology  .

Under Graduate

Under chemical Engineering Under graduate program the following courses are administered under the chair: Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics I, Fluid Mechanics I and II, Fluid Machines, Thermal Unit Operation ,Thermo fluid lab ,Thermal Unit operation Laboratory ,Basic environmental Engineering,Sustniable Energy Technology, Cleaner production Technology, Air pollution control and treatment Solid waste and Hazardous Management,Refrigration and air Conditioning  ,Water and waste water treatment   process and plant design, Energy audit and Utilization .


Environmental Engineering is one of the young discipline under  Energy and Environmental Engineering chair besides  Faculty of chemical and Food Engineering which is launched as Msc in Environmental Engineering since 2011G.C.The program starts with two full time Assistant professors and five Msc students and Now broadly Expands the capacity of admitted students both in (weekend, summer and Regular) up to  a minimum of twenty and PhD programs of Environmental and Biological Engineering, Environmental and industrial Engineering  having the no of  staffs  are  seven  including PhD candidates. Among the for mentioned programs one PhD student is working on her dissertation under Environmental and Biological Engineering.

Research and Community services

Under  Energy and Environmental Engineering  chair academic staffs are   actively engaged in research and community services related   with Energy and Environment .More importantly the chair have two typical thematic  based on the academic staff specialization of  Sustainable Energy and Environmental Engineering.


Under the chair we have two Laboratories: these are Thermo-fluid, Thermaland Environmental Engineering lab which supports the teaching learning process as well as students thesis work.

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