Process Engineering

Process engineering is responsible for designing, optimizing, controlling and implementing industrial process like within the chemical, advanced materials, food, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries. Process engineering is one of the most vibrant chairs in Faculty of chemical and Food engineering in Bahir Dar Institute of Technology that is positioned to offer a quality education through practical teaching and research. The chair is aspired in producing process engineers with multidisciplinary profession to become problem solvers, researcher, invertors, project leaders and at most ethical citizens of the global society.  

Course delivery

Process engineering chair delivers core chemical engineering courses. It own courses ranging from fundamental to advanced courses related to design of plant, optimization, process integration, process design and other.


Process engineering is one of the specialization streams in the 5 years chemical engineering Bachelor degree studies. As part of chemical engineering program the chair is also positioned to administer the courses in undergraduate programs for process engineering and other streams as well. The chair facilitates courses such as Fundamental to Chemical Engineering, Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics, Transport Phenomenon, Reaction Engineering, Material Science and Engineering, Mass Transfer Unit Operation, Chemical Engineering Apparatus Design, Process measurement and Instrumentation, Process Dynamics and Control, Polymer Science And Engineering, Plant Design and Economics, Computer Aided Process Design and Simulation, Industrial safety and loss Prevention, Separation Technology, Process  Integration and  Pinch  Analysis.

Most of the courses are assisted with laboratories (both in Computer aided software and practical experiments) that will equip the students in solving optimization problems, conducting simulations using different computation techniques and application, and above all to solve current and real problems arise from process industries and society at large.


Realizing the rational of emerging industrialization of the country, the chair offers Masters Degree in process engineering both in regular and extension programs and PhD in chemical engineering in regular program. We are also on the track to commence Masters Program in polymer science and engineering in the near future.

The masters program in process engineering emphasizes on modern  process intensification  and  integration  strategies,  green  product  development  and  efficient  utilization  of energy  and  raw  materials. Recently, we have expanded the graduate programs at a PhD level which is designed with six different specializations these are: Process Engineering and Design, Environmental and Biological Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Polymer Science and Engineering, Industrial and Environmental Biotechnology and Nano-Science and Engineering.

Research and community services

Research and community service in our chair addresses a range of interconnected areas and collaborate closely with academic institutes and industries in nearby and society. The staffs in the chair are actively involving in researches to achieve the key thematic areas identified by the university. There are several areas of research interest related to multidisciplinary aspects such as Process Intensification and Energy Utilization, Green Process engineering and Chemistry, Product development and Packaging material, Sugar Processing and By-Product Utilization, Mineral processing and Petrochemical Technology, Waste Valorization and Bio-energy Intensification, Leather processing  Technology etc. Community services conducted by our staffs are closely aimed at solving problems through training, consultation and research.


In process engineering chair laboratories are the building blocks for teaching and learning process that are serving the students in their laboratory courses, senior projects and research as well. In our chair we have three well functioning laboratories that are primarily serving the undergraduate program, these are: Reaction engineering, process dynamics and control and mass transfer laboratories. For graduate students the chair also jointly using labs like research grade lab, simulation and project rooms and other facilities.

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