Food Quality and Safety

The Food safety and quality Chair, facilitates the students of Food Engineering/ Food safety & quality to:-

Ø Be able to manage physical, chemical and biological hazards in the workplace to protect workers.

Ø Be to prepare the food industry for its traceability in case of food poisoning incidents.

Ø Know how to protect customers from food –bon illness.

Ø Be able to train employers in food industry

Ø Ensure transparency and safety in the food supply chain, for example, checking that all deliveries from suppliers are safe and stored correctly

Ø Be able to serve as appoint of contact for national and local government organization.

Ø Acquires knowledge to teach at a university or carry out research in the research center

Ø Acquire a skill that makes product quality manager in the food industry.

Under  Graduate
Undergraduate programs includes the following courses: Organic chemistry; Food chemistry; Food Microbiology; Food Analysis 
& Quality Control; Food Biochemistry; Industrial Microbiology; Engineering properties of food material;Nutrition and Food Fortification;Food Quality and Safety;Food Additive and Toxicology;  Food  Safety and  Quality management; semester project & graduate thesis.
Post Graduate
There is a postgraduate program, leading to MSc degree in Food safety & Quality which is administered under this chair. The chair facilitates courses for graduate students that focus on 
food Safety Risk Analysis; Food Supply Chain and Logistics Management; Food Hygiene and Sanitation; Emerging Technologies in Food Industry; Food Safety and Quality Management System; Food Law and Regulations; Advanced research techniques methods and statistics & Seminar in food safety and quality.

Research and community services

Our chair facilitates and administers research, consultancy and community service work, professional training, mainly in the following areas: proximate analysis of processed on non-processed food materials; nutrient contents of food material; analyze heavy metal contents in the food samples; microorganism loads of different food materials. Our chair laboratories are much busy in giving community service; especially those foods which are expected to be adulterated and withdrawal from police & Many researchers; Msc & PhD students visit our lab. for fulfillments of their research ideas.


There are three laboratories under our chair one laboratory for Food chemistry and analysis; one for Food Microbiology and the third one for Research laboratories.

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Food Quality and Safety