Environmental Engineering

Masters of Science in Environmental Engineering
Hosting Unit 
Faculty of Chemical and Food Engineering
Program Description:
Chemical engineers are involved in all kinds of industries namely food and drink, pharmaceuticals, energy, oil and gas, water, chemicals, materials such as plastics, metals and ceramics and products such as toiletries, fertilizers and detergents. Chemical engineers are also involved in assessing health, safety and environmental issues, manufacture of life-saving vaccines and managing projects for the treatment of wastewater. Chemical engineers use information technology extensively for process development, design and to solve industrial problems using sophisticated computer aided design software’s to simulate the process and to know what will happen during the process and to solve the problems to be encountered during the process. Therefore, the M.Sc. programs in Chemical Engineering prepare the students for a multidisciplinary career and give the students a broad option when they face the job market. Such as; they can act as: a Project Manager, a Technical Manager, a project Engineer, a plant manager, a research and development engineer.
Duration of the program
Two years
Medium of Instruction
Admission criteria
  • Applicants should have successfully completed BSc. degree in Chemical Engineering
  • BSc. degree in non-chemical Engineering:- Food Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, industrial chemistry, Chemistry and related graduatesand Meet the general School Graduate Studies admission requirements.
Annual intake
25 students
Tuition fee
(2020/21 rate)
Contact person
Belay Tefera, PhD.