New Research Proposals Call for 2020 /2013 E.C/

Bahir Dar Food and Nutrition (FaN) Research Center at BiT would like to grant research fund for original research proposals having a particular relevance to the current food and nutrition policy and overall development of the country. In its essence, the research proposal shall address existing food and nutrition problems, contribute to the implementation of the policy and be able to produce a publishable and applicable finding. 
·         Full time staff members of BiT
·         Expatriate staffs who have renewed contract of at least 6 months and more from the end of the research project
·         Researchers who successfully finished and submitted all previous BiT and BDU funded research projects
·         Researchers who achieved either of the following results from the previous BiT funded research projects:
Ø  Published an article (or show unconditional acceptance) on a peerreviewed journal/conference proceeding (the published article need to be submitted) or
Ø  Technology transfer to the society (proof is needed from the appropriate office) or
Ø  Have patent for the research finding (proof is needed from the appropriate office)
·         All researchers (PI, Co-PI, and members) must satisfy the above eligibility criteria
·         The proposal shall involve at least three researchers (PI, Co-PI, and members)
·         Research proposals must be within the thematic areas identified by FaN (
·         The written proposal must be according to the BiT template (
Note: We encourage multidisciplinary research proposals/teams, teams of female researchers and proposals that include graduate students as members.   
The proposal shall be submitted to Food and Nutrition (FaN) Research Center in one hard copy and soft copy (word file) via Please also note that proposals that do not follow the BiT template and/or not signed by the researchers and/or the chair holder will be automatically rejected. Proposals that satisfy the eligibility and requirement criteria will be reviewed by internal and external reviewers. The review process will be double-blinded.
Submission Deadline: Nehase 30, 2012 E.C.
Phone 0943232083
Bahir Dar Food and Nutrition (FaN) Research Center
Bahir Dar Institute of Technology
Research thematic areas identified for Food and Nutrition (FaN) research center
1.      Nutrition sensitive agriculture
Researches focus on nutrition sensitive production and productivity of the followings:
§  Fruits and vegetables (conservation agriculture)
§  Poultry and fish production and utilization
§  Apiary/apiculture
§  Legumes
§  Bio and agronomic-fortification (cereals, roots and tubers)
2.      Postharvest and preservation technology
Focus on devising postharvest losses reduction technologies and improve postharvest management for the following commodities:
§  Cereals (maize, milet etc)
§  Fruits (manago, guava, peach etc )
§  Vegetables (cabbage, tomato, kale etc )
§  Legumes (chick pea and others)
§  Roots  and tubers (Irish potato, sweet potato etc)
§  Oil seeds
3.      Product development, innovation and business
Focuses on value addition and commercialization of the following commodities:
§  potato, tomato, oil seeds, animal foods (e.g. fish)
§  Packaging
4.      Food fortification
§  Focus on enrichment of cereal flour and oils with some nutrients (especially micronutrients, protein)
5.      Nutrition and health
§  Infant and young child feeding(IYCF)
§  Social and behavior change communication(SBCC)
§  Nutrition and Water, hygiene and sanitation (WASH)
§  Nutrition and nutrition smart health services
§  Nutrition related non-communication diseases

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