The Faculty of Civil and Water Resource Engineering program is launched based in the premises that there is a strong need of manpower in the area of civil and water resources engineering so as to realize the development plan of the nation. Based on the recent education policy and the needs of the industry, the Bahir Dar University Senate has promulgated the establishment of the Faculty of Civil and Water Resources Engineering.

The Faculty of Civil and Water Resources Engineering has earned national and international prominence in several areas. The two of the broadest engineering disciplines, Civil and Water Resource & Environmental Engineering, at Institute of Technology have recently expanded their curriculum to encompass even more academic options in response to societal needs. In addition to the bachelor's degree based on Civil and Water Resources & Environmental Engineering, students now have opportunities for course work and research experience leading to master’s degrees in Construction Technology and Management, Structural Engineering, Highway and Geotechnical Engineering, Engineering Hydrology, Hydraulic Engineering and a PhD. program in Construction Engineering and Management, Geotechnical Engineering, Road and Transport Engineering, Structural Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering, Hydrology and Water Resources Management, Irrigation Engineering and Management, Water Resources and Management, Integrated Watershed Management. Moreover, the faculty has continuing education programs in the extension and summer divisions.

Students in this faculty will have acquired all necessary skills and capabilities, which enable the degree holder to plan, study, design, supervise and operate in areas including constructions, road projects, Irrigation and Hydropower developments, Flood control and river training, Water supply and sewerage as well as Wastewater management and treatment.

Admissions and placements to all regular undergraduate programs are processed through the ministry until such time as the university will be allowed to enroll its students. It may also be granted to students completing their secondary education in foreign countries on the basis of equivalent academic achievements that shall be determined by the ministry. Admissions to all undergraduate continuing and distance education programs is processed through the various faculties, in consultation with the institute registrar, by considering criteria to be developed by the Academic Standards and Review Committee. The criteria shall be developed based on the framework from ministry and/or HERQA.

Currently, there are 513 students enrolled in the undergraduate program and another 687 students in post graduate program.

Here is the number of students graduated in our faculty (last five years)

Academic Year Number of graduated Students
2021/2022 617
2020/2021 848
2019/2020 421
2018/2019 737
2017/2018 760
2016/2017 1021