Currently there is a very strong cooperation between international universities in areas of research and academics.  International Postgraduate programs are running in collaboration with Cornell University (USA), Arizona University (USA), University of TU Berlin (Germany) and KTH, The Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden), and Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) Durham School of Architectural Engineering and Construction.

The Civil and Water Resources Engineering Department is currently hosting a master’s program in INTEGRATED WATERSHED MANAGEMENT AND HYDROLOGY conducted by Cornell University at Bahir Dar University. In this program Ethiopian students were able to get international degree without going far from their home. The Department has been helpful in the administration of the program and became a direct beneficiary from the program working together with experienced professors, and participating in the research and study.

Currently, a master’s program in INTEGRATED WATERSHED MANAGEMENT AND WATER SUPPLY is conducted. Students will do research on rural water supply sustainability and improving sanitation.  By January 2011, the program was integrated into the graduate program of the department.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) is currently working in collaboration with Bahir Dar University. These two institutions have signed memorandum of understanding (MoU) in January 2015 that “establishes a general partnership between them to facilitate collaborations in one or more of the following academic activities: teaching, research, student exchange, faculty exchange, technology transfer, publication, curriculum development, joint projects and training.

Since the MOU's execution, UNL's Durham School of Architectural Engineering and Construction is working closely with BDU's Civil and Water Resource Engineering Department through advising of graduate students, developing of a PhD program and initiating a construction research center. Through the collaboration, UNL and BDU have graduated its first two masters students, Mitiku Damtie and Solomon Melaku in December 2015, whom both are lecturers at BDU. Mitiku has already presented his research work in the International Conference on Construction Engineering and Management (ICCEPM) in Busan, South Korea in October 2015, while Solomon is preparing in presenting his work to the Construction Research Congress (CRC) which will be held in Puerto Rico, USA in June 2016. Currently, UNL and BDU are working towards hosting a Construction Research Workshop in May 2016 to address construction research needs, issues and current practice and methods in May 2016 and working on developing a PhD curriculum in Construction Engineering and Management which can commence in August of 2016.

Future cooperation need

The Civil and Water Resources Engineering envisions doing original research work on various water issues in the country focusing on the Nile Basin and expanding its international cooperation with various universities in Europe and Asia. The department is currently interested to work on understanding of available water resources and its management in the Nile Basin. This will specifically include:

     Improving and supplementing the hydro-meteorological data in the Nile Basin using current state of art of collecting data such as remote sensing.
    Establishing of Study Programs.
    Doing Joint Research and provide adequate further education opportunities
    Creating a pool of experts.
    Developing sustainable water supply and sanitation system in the country.
     Working on Improved Technology for Efficient Water Storage Facilities (Small Scale Irrigation Infrastructure and Water Harvesting Structures).