Water PIP Knowledge Hub Training commenced in conjunction with IHE Delft

November 17,2022, Bahir Dar
A five-day intensive training focused on Water PIP (Water Productivity Improvement in Practice) started on Thursday November 17, 2022 for the faculty members. The training is being held by a collaboration of Ethiopian Construction Design and Supervision Works Corporation ECDSWCo, IHE Delft Institute for Water Education and Bahir Dar Institute of Technology (BiT). It will run from November 17 to November 21 and comprises trainers from ECDSWCo , BiT and  Arba Minch University.
Dr. Tewodros Tafesse, chair holder in the Faculty, said the training will provide chances with a significant national and regional impact. The implication is significant because it is a regional training course on WaPOR from database to knowledge. Mr. Ermias Alemu from ECDSWCo discussed the notion that IHE Delft plans to create chapters for case studies and training. WaPOR schemes, including unintended irrigation will be evaluated through remote sensing, and the real-world application will be part of the training.