Geotechnical and Highway Engineering Chair

Geotechnical and Highway Engineering Chair, is one of the chairs of Faculty of Civil Engineering & Water Resources Engineering, have a great role in the teaching-learning and consultancy services of the Faculty.  Both graduate and undergraduate programs are being managed by this Chair.

Course Delivery

Geotechnical and Highway Engineering, is one of the basic disciplines of Civil Engineering, and the following course areas are being offered under the chair.


The chair facilitates and administers the courses such as surveying; traffic engineering; railway engineering; highway engineering; engineering geology; soil mechanics; foundation engineering etc.



The chair offers graduate programs in Geotechnical Engineering (regular) and in Road and Transport Engineering (summer) to solve the critical shortage of skilled professional in area.

The graduate program in Geotechnical Engineering deals, primarily with the necessary advanced theoretical backgrounds to analyzeand directing and performing site investigations and soil laboratory testing as well as evaluating and interpreting investigation results for building and bridge site, dam sites, roads, highways, etc. The modules covered in this program include: computational methods; mechanics and properties of earth materials; design and construction of geotechnical Structures; soil dynamics and earthquake engineering.

The graduate program in the Road and Transport Engineering focuses on; designing highways, evaluation of pavement conditions and their management, designing pavements on problematic soils like expansive soils, etc. Studies in Road and Transportation Engineering include transportation planning, pavement design and management, economic evaluation of transport projects, traffic safety and environment impacts, geometric design and traffic engineering.

Research and community services

Different consultancy and community services are also being conducted under the chair. These includes, materials testing, foundation recommendation and design, design and supervision of road projects etc... The possible research areas under the chair include but not limited to:traffic flow modeling; road economics, road pavement design and performance; experimental investigations of rutting  and bleeding of asphalt concrete mixes; highway condition monitoring and data collection; road maintenance management; road safety and accident modeling; road failure investigation; soilmodeling, numerical analyses and testing; The static and seismic stability of natural and excavated slopes; characterization of  engineering  and  physical properties of soils; landslide modeling and risk analysis; behavior of unsaturated soils and ground movements of compacted fills; static and dynamic soil-structure interaction; physical and engineering properties, construction problems of soils; ground improvement methods and their effect on structures


The chair administer three laboratories: Soil lab, Highway Engineering Lab and Surveying lab for teaching learning process and for the society as testing unit for quality assurance and design proposal.