Water Supply and Sanitary Engineering Chair

The Water supply and Sanitary Engineering Chair is aimed to contribute to knowledge development and capacity building in both the urban and rural water supply and sanitation field; areas of interest include drinking water supply assessment, analysis and design, urban drainage, waste water collection, treatment and reclamation/reuse, and residuals management.

Courses Delivery

The chair facilitates teaching & learning to undergraduate students of civil engineering and water resources engineering at the Faculty of Civil and Water Resources Engineering, the courses are: water supply engineering, water treatment, sewerage system and sanitation, waste water treatment and solid waste management, water supply & sewerage, and water treatment and waste management, water distribution system modeling, and sewerage and urban drainage system modeling.


Research and Community services

Under the chair research and consultancy work is being carried out for community, professional training and teaching is also being conducted in the following fields: water and waste water quality analysis and modeling, water supply project design, performance evaluation of water supply projects, water and waste water treatment plant modeling and design, household water treatment, urban water system, optimization of water distribution system, urban drainage and sewerage system design, planning and design of sanitation systems and technologies for rural, peri-urban and urban areas, ecological sanitation, integrated solid waste management, liquid waste management, sludge management, biogas digester and production, environmental (water, air, soil) pollution, water supply-sanitation and hygiene (WASH), sanitary installation (plumbing fixtures), technical support for NGO’s working on sanitation in and around Bahir Dar.


Water and waste water quality and treatment laboratory is under the chair for the teaching learning process of the Faculty of civil and water resources engineering and other units of the university as well. Graduate students and PhD candidates are using the lab to analyze water and waste water quality. Institutions and researchers from other universities are also using the laboratory facility. Aerobic and anaerobic digesters are available in the lab to check the biogas production of organic wastes.

 Current Chair Holder