Externship Presentation and engineering drawing software demo by Habtamu Alemayehu

A 2-hour presentation and discussion followed by a new software demo was held on Friday October 25, 2019 at Bahir Dar Institute of Technology.
The presenter, Mr. Habtamu has spent the summer of 2019 on an ongoing high-rise building in Addis Ababa as a part of a summer externship program facilitated by the University Industry Linkage office.

In addition to the externship presentation, He also show a demonstration of he’s newly developed software, Automatic Drawing Tool, that simplify structural drawings by allowing users to get the details directly from the tool to a CAD platform.

The event was organized by structural Engineering chair, as a part of experience sharing by the faculty. In the presentation, undergraduate and postgraduate students, faculty staffs and invited academicians had been participated.

Mr. habtamu’s presentation started by pointing technological advancement of new construction practices implemented in the project. The project, Ethiopian Electric Power’s Head Office Complex Project is being constructed by a Chinese contractor CGCOC group Co. ltd and supervised by a private domestic firm MH Engineering Plc. Since the project include a high-rise building, Mr. Habtamu present his observations supported with pictures and operational videos. The building incorporated different methodologies of the implementation of Shoring, different types of retaining Piles and recently adopted construction practices ranging from utilizing of small space in construction site effectively to proficient use of tower cranes.

He also tried to explain the structural design of one block and a short discussion was held on the design considerations and codal provisions used in the design.

The second part of the presentation was the demonstration about the software which is designed to fully detailing for Slab, beam, Column, isolated, combined and strap footing system. It is noted that the tool is prepared using ES EN (Ethiopian Standard on European Norm) and most known/common detailing method in design office. Named Automatic Drawing Tool or ADT in short an easy to use and user friendly tool is designed to work with a usually used CAD software, AutoCAD. Mr. Habtamu then shows a demo of the tool by using flexural and shear detailing with longitudinal section output. He also stated that all comments and suggestion will be addressed and more options will be incorporated in the next version to be compiled within three months.

The presentation then ends by a notes with recommendations for the university industry linkage office and a conclusion about the externship program, Mr. habtamu saying it integrate theory and academic knowledge with actual work experience.

Figure 1. Mr. Habtamu demonstrating the tool ADT


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