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Seifu Admassu Tilahun (Ph.D.)

A professor of Hydrology with research interest on rainfall-runoff processes, irrigation and water productivity, sustainability of water supply, soil erosion and sediment transport, non-point source pollution and water quality, and soil and water conservation. With the collaboration of MSc and PhD students, he has been actively involved on research and modeling better ways to manage water in surface and ground water particularly in the Blue Nile Basin.


Trending Research interest of 2022 publications

•    Hydrology of catchments
•    Fiber Reinforced Concrete
•    Soil and Water Conservation
•    Ground water and Watershed developments
•    Recycled Concrete
•    Model for Analysis of Concrete
•    Deficit and drip irrigations
•    GIS and Remote Sensing
•    Finite element analysis of structures
•    Hydropower Development  


Fasikaw Atanaw Zimale(PhD)

Licensed Practicing Water Resources Engineer, and one of senior staff at the faculty, He participated in different practical project including Research coordinator and Design Engineer in the region’s Bureau of Water Resources. His research interest includes GIS and remote sensing, Open channel Hydraulics, Surface Hydrology, Water Resources Systems Analysis and Management, Self-organizing hydrological processes and parameter‐efficient distributed (PED) model.


Latest publication
Sultan, Dagnenet, et al. "Evaluation of lag time and time of concentration estimation methods in small tropical watersheds in Ethiopia." Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies 40 (2022): 101025.
April 2022
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