Asregedew Kassa Woldesenbet

Assistant Professor
Ph.D. student building 2nd floor office number 4
Department : 
Civil Engineering


Degree Earned: “Doctor of Philosophy in Civil Engineering /Construction Engineering/”
Graduated year: August 2014
Institution: Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa

Degree Earned: Masters in Civil Engineering/Construction Engineering and Project Management/
Graduated year: May 2010
Institution: Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Oklahoma

Degree Earned: “Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering”
Graduated year: July 2005
Institution: Bahir Dar University, Institute of Technology, Ethiopia

Academic Experience

Title of Work: Assistant Professor
Dates on work: October 2018 to Present
Organization Name: Addis Ababa University
Work/Organization Address: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Employing type: Full time

Title of work/position: Adjunct Professor
Dates on work: October 2017 to Present
Organization Name: Bahir Dar Institute of Technology, Bahir Dar University
Work/Organization Address: Bahir Dar, Ethiopia

Title of position: Assistant Professor
Dates on work: August 2012 to July 2014
Organization Name: University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA

Title of position: Research Assistant
Dates on work: August 2014 to August 2017
Organization Name: University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA

Title of position: Instructor
Dates on work: August 2013 to May 2014
Organization Name: Iowa State University, USA

Title of position: Graduate Research Assistant
Dates on work: August 2008 to July 2012
Organization Name: Oklahoma State University, USA

Certification/professional registration

PE, Professional Engineer

Current membership in professional organizations/18 memberships/

ASCE Construction Institute (CI) Management Practices in Construction Committee
ASCE Digital Project Delivery Committee
Sigma Lambda Chi (SLC) International Construction Honor Society
Construction Industry Institute (CII) Academic Committee
American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) etc.

Service activities

Civic and Humanitarian Activities (8)
Leadership Positions in Regional and Local Organizations (2)
Leadership Positions in International and National Organizations (1)
Leadership positions on unit committees (1)
Membership positions on unit committees (5)


i.    Woldesenbet, A., Jeong, H. S., and Park, H. (2015), “Framework for Integrating and Assessing Highway Infrastructure Data”, ASCE Journal of Management in Engineering
ii.    Woldesenbet, A. and Ahn, C. (2016), “SHRP-2 Education Connection: Encouraging Innovation in Locating Utilities”, Transportation Research Board (TRB), Washington D.C.; January 12, 2016.
iii.    Woldesenbet, A. Ahn, C. and Rokooei S., (2017) “FLC for BIM Education in Multidisciplinary School”, Architectural Engineering Institute (AEI), Oklahoma City, OK; April 12, 2017.
iv.    Goedert, J., Woldesenbet, A. and Goedert M. (2016), “Relationship between Gross Domestic Product and Engineering Graduates and Health Care Graduates”, First Annual International Conference on Public and Global Health, Dodoma, Tanzania; March 16, 2016.

Summarized activities under this category

Peer Reviewed Journal Publications in print (5)
Peer Reviewed Journal Publications submitted for review but not yet accepted or accepted with “re-review required” or equivalent (6)
Publications on Teaching (10)
Conference Proceedings: Peer reviewed papers (18)
Conference Proceedings: Other than peer reviewed (10)
Other Publications (6)
Externally and Internally Funded Research Projects Grants (3)
Research Projects (Lead Researcher) (3)
Research Projects (Assisted and Participated) (3)
Grant Writing Workshop (1)

Professional development

Journal Editorships (Associate Editor) (1)
Journal Reviewer (8)
Research Review panels and Committee member (8)
Programming and Computer Skills (8)
Certifications & Workshops (7)
Honors and Awards (7)
International and National Engineering Awards and Recognition (2)
Regional, Local and University Teaching Awards and Research Recognition (3)