Mulugeta Azeze Belete (PhD)

Associate Professor
Department : 
Hydraulic and Water Resource Engineering


Doktor-Ingenieur, (Dr.-Ing.), Modeling and Analysis of Lake Tana water resources systems, Ethiopia, Rostock University, Rostock, Germany, Sep 2014

MSc. Civil Engineering (Specialized in Hydraulic Engineering), Addis Ababa, University, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Sep 2004

BSc. Sanitary Engineering, Arba minch University, Arba Minch, Ethiopia, July 1994

Academic Experience

Bahir Dar University

Assistant professor     Sep 2014 to present

Lecturer and vice dean          Jan 2004 to August 2014

Assistant lecturer        Sep 2002 to Dec 2003

Graduate Assistant     Sep 2001 to Sep 2002

Non-Academic Experience

Organization for Rehabilitation and Development in Amhara

Region (ORDA)

Division Head  Feb 2000 to August 2001

Food for the Hungry International (FHI)

Water Team Leader   Apr 1998 to Jan 2000

 Water, Mines, and Energy Bureau of Amhara region

Plan Engineer I                                    Dec 1994 to March 1998



·         Muluget A.  Belete (2010).  Synthetic Unit Hydrographs for Upper Awash and Tekeze Basins. VDM Verlag: Germany.

·         Mulugeta A. Belete; Yilma Seleshi; Hartmut Eckstädt (2013). Application of stochastic analysis and modeling techniques in simulating the Outflow from Lake Tana Catchment, Ethiopia: In international journal of current research.

·         Mulugeta A. Belete; Yilma Seleshi; Hartmut Eckstädt (2012). Assessing Reliabilities of Multipurpose Reservoir Using Stochastic Modeling and Scenario Based Simulations of Net Inflow, the Case of Lake Tana, Ethiopia. In Proceedings of national conference on science, technology, and innovation for prosperity of Ethiopia. Bahir Dar: Bahir Dar University.

·         Adugnaw T. Akale, Dessalegn C. Dagnew , Mulugeta A. Belete , Seifu A. Tilahun,Wolde Mekuria and Tammo S. Steenhuis (2017). Impact of Soil Depth and Topography on the Effectiveness of Conservation Practices on Discharge and Soil Loss in the Ethiopian Highlands. Journal of Land.

·         Adugnaw T. Akale, Dessalegn C. Dagnew, Shree Giri, Mulugeta A. Belete, Seifu A. Tilahun,Wolde Mekuria, Tammo S. Steenhuis (2017).

·         Groundwater Quality in an Upland Agricultural Watershed in the Sub- Humid Ethiopian Highlands. Journal of Water Resource and Protection.

·         Gebiaw T Ayele, Aschalew K Tebeje, Solomon S Demissie, Mulugeta A Belete,  Dereje T Mengistu and Engidasew Z Teshale (2018). Time Series Land Cover Mapping and Change Detection Analysis Using Geographic Information System and Remote Sensing, Northern Ethiopia. Journal of Air, Soil and Water Research.

·         Bitew G. Tassew, Mulugeta A. Belete, and K. Miegel. (2019). Application of HEC-HMS Model for Flow Simulation in the Lake Tana Basin: The Case of Gilgel Abay Catchment, Upper Blue Nile Basin, Ethiopia. Mdpi. Journal of hydrology.