About Computer Engineering

Objectives of the Program

General Objectives

  •  To produce a high quality Computer Engineering graduates with an entrepreneurial and problem-solving mindset.

Specific Objectives

  • Educating and training students for the very dynamic and rapidly changing science and technology market.
  • Educating and training students to become life-long learners by providing them with a sound base in Computer Engineering, basic sciences as well as general education for a career in a dynamic and rapidly evolving industry.
  • Offer staff members a motivating environment within which they can be a tutor, researcher, trainer, expert and practitioner.
  • Provide students with skill, knowledge and academic background based on internationally recognized academic standards.
  • Motivating students to become innovators who can respond very positively to the challenges and opportunities presented by new ideas and technologies.
  • Laying a strong foundation and instilling confidence in students who may want to pursue post-graduate studies later in life.
  • Provide an environment in which students are exposed to the legal issues
  • Encourage participation in research and development.