Background of FECE

Brief Background of the Faculty

The diffusion of technology and knowledge is a salient feature in the technological change, innovation and growth of the modern society. Much attention is being given to the role of universities in the development of nations. Universities all over the world are playing a crucial role in producing competent professionals who will be taking responsibility of the country’s technology and resources. This goal of universities can be further fostered by a strong link with the industries. A strong bond and relation between universities and the industry helps not only in finding out immediate solutions to prevailing challenges in the industry but also will help in producing all rounded and sharp professionals who will later be important assets to the development of the country.

Nestled in the beautiful green town, Bahir Dar, just at shore of Lake Tana, the faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering is one of the largest faculties in Institute of Technology of Bahir Dar University. The faculty offers undergraduate programs leading to B.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering in the regular program with duration of 5 years each; and in continuing program too with duration of 6 years each. It also offers a 2 year M.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering with a specialization in power systems and communication systems engineering and will open soon M.Sc. degree in control and automation engineering and PhD program in power systems engineering.

The faculty experienced a surge in enrolment of students in the regular as well the continuing program, which reveals the fact that the faculty offers students not only the excellence in cutting-edge technological knowledge and applications, but also in a multidisciplinary engineering and science background for the career that our students have planned.