Background of FECE

Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering is established in 1963 with the establishment Polytechnic institute to share the missions of the institute.One of the objectives of Electrical and Computer Engineering Faculty is to produce Graduates with full professional competence in different fields of Electrical Power, Communication, Control and Computer Engineering who can participate in the national development activities.The Faculty also highly engaged in impacted oriented research and problem solving community services. The Faculty is organized into 2 Programs and 6 chairs running 5 streams Bachelor, 6 Master, and 3 PhD programmes. The Faculty has 138 academic staff (1 full professor, 1 Associate Professor, 8 Assistant Professors, 90 Lecturers and 38 assistant lecturers). For the successful accomplishment of its mission, the faculty has fully furnished 17 labs in different steams. The Faculty aspires to be a centre of excellence in Electrical and Computer Engineering sciences.  
Electrical and Computer Engineering is one of the oldest faculty in the institute and it has gone through many historical developments. Currently, our faculty consists of the following chair systems to deliver two Undergraduate (UG) programs and 10 Graduate programs.
  • Hardware and Networking
  • Power and Energy Systems
  • Communication Systems
  • Software and Data Science
  • Control and Instrumentation
  •  Microelectronics
 The UG programs are Computer Engineering (BSc) and Electrical Engineering (BSc) with three specialties such as Electronic and Communication Systems Engineering  , Power Systems Engineering and Industrial Control Engineering.
Since one of the pillars of our faculty is research and Innovation, we have been working on the establishment of a special interest group (SiG) in each chair. Now we have 18 SiGs in different chair systems.
Currently, there are 300 students enrolled in the undergraduate program and another 95 students in post graduate program.

Graduated Students in the last five years


Number of  Students Enrolled

Number of student Graduation Trends in Past Five Year
















Admissions and placements to all regular undergraduate programs are processed through the ministry until such time as the university will be allowed to enroll its students. It may also be granted to students completing their secondary education in foreign countries on the basis of equivalent academic achievements that shall be determined by the ministry. Admissions to all undergraduate continuing and distance education programs is processed through the various faculties, in consultation with the institute registrar, by considering criteria to be developed by the Academic Standards and Review Committee. The criteria shall be developed based on the framework from ministry and/or HERQA.