Msc in Communication Systems Engineering

The CSE Program aspires to excel in teaching, research, and industry linkage/consultancy at a national level as well as regionally and also in producing competent engineers within the field of Communication Systems Engineering to solve the problems of our country and bring about growth. In this regard is aimed to provide broad-based education and training in communication systems engineering and its applications leading to a Master of Science Degree in Engineering, to enable graduates to meet the challenges of the engineering profession in a rapidly changing environment that exists in a developing country.
The specific training objectives can be summarized as follows.

  1. To produce skilled manpower in communication systems engineering to lead productive and rewarding professional lives at the forefront of Engineering based on:

•     Current technological advancement in the area,
•    The demand from the industries (need of the country),
•    Increasing the linkage between the industry and the faculty,
•    Enhancing the innovative and problem solving skill of the graduates.

2.    To produce graduates with full professional competence in fields of Communication System Engineering who can participate in the national development activities and to this end;

•     To train manpower for higher education institutions of the country;
•    To produce qualified experts and managers for industries;
•    To meet the demands of the industries in terms of training and up grading their engineers and managers.
•    To provide opportunity for the working community in the field of Communication Engineering to upgrade their knowledge to a higher level.
3.    To carry out research in the areas of Communication Engineering that are relevant to the needs of the Country
4.    To render consultancy services to the community
5.    To provide research, development, maintenance skills for products and systems.
6.    To engage students in high level research through thesis that offers optimal solutions to technical problems in the electrical and computer industry sectors.
7.    To prepare students for career opportunities in public and private services.