PhD in Computer Engineering

Objective and General Learning Outcomes

The general objective of the PhD program in Computer Engineering is to satisfy the national demand for highly trained Computer Engineering educators, researchers and management experts.

Specific objectives of the program are to:

  • Prepare students to become innovative leaders in academic, industrial, and entrepreneurial settings.
  • Design a research focused study, having a relatively small number of required courses.
  • Conduct research in the area of computer engineering, which are relevant to the country’s need of ICT.
  • Render consultancy services to the community.
  • Train high level technical manpower, who can actively participate in the national development activities, strategies, and policies.
  • Train computer graduates to identify, formulate, and solve computer engineering problems.



General Learning Outcomes are:

To prepare students to meet the outlined objectives, a set of program outcomes that describes what students should know and be able to do when they graduate, is described as follows:


  • How to apply their theoretical, technical, and scientific knowledge to practical applications in the context of country’s need.

  • How to apply appropriate computer engineering techniques to a given problem.

  • How to identify, formulate, and solve computer engineering problems

  • How to acquire new knowledge and to participate independently in research and development projects