Academic Unit Registrar

 Duties and Responsibilities of the Academic Unit Registrar

 Being jointly accountable to the Chief Registrar and Dean of the respective academic unit, the Registrar shall have the following duties and responsibilities:

 1. Develop and maintain business unit’s information and database system;

 2. Design and release application forms;

 3. Issue student identification cards.

 4. Select, recruiting and registering students to program, courses, and trainings;

 5. Collecting, organizing, and ensuring easy access to students‟ academic and research records;

 6. Identify and gather relevant business unit information from outside and internal sources;

 7. Provide personal and group advising and consulting services on academic and related issues;

 8. Ensure seamless networking and communication with course system teams in the collection and organization of students‟ academic records;

 9. Decide on students‟ academic status in consultation with the academic advisors;

 10. Communicate students their academic progress in every academic calendar;

 11. Implement their roles in SIMS accordingly

 12. Execute other tasks given by the chief registrar