Quality Assurance and Enhancement Coordinator

 Academic Unit Quality Assurance Coordinators

 1.  The Quality Assurance Coordinator of each AU shall be accountable to the Dean of the respective AU and Education Quality Assurance Director. 

 2.  Academic  unit  Quality  Assurance  Coordinators  shall be  appointed    based  on  the  BDU  selection criteria  by  the  Total  Quality  Management  Executive  Director    in  consultation  with    Education Quality Assurance Director, and the  Dean of each respective Academic Unit 

 3.  Quality Assurance Coordinators shall have the duties and responsibilities:

 A.    Check the availability and fulfillment of inputs required for the teaching-learning process. 

 B.     Check the quality of course guidebooks/course outline in line with the given standard. 

 C.     prepare quality assurance forum once in a year at AU level

 D.    Preparing and submitting periodic report.

 E.     Audit the quality of teaching-learning, research and community service of the AU.

 F.      Conduct course evaluation in every semester; and annual satisfaction survey of students, teachers and administrative staffs.

 G.    Documentation and dissemination of data related to the quality of teaching learning, research and community services.

 H.    Perform other duties given by the AU Dean and/or the Quality Assurance Office.