Faculty Dean



Duties and Responsibilities of Dean 


1.  The Dean of each academic unit shall be accountable to the offices of Academic vice president and Research and Community Service.

2.  The powers and responsibilities of Deans include, but are not limited to, the following:

A.    Formulating the AU‟s strategic and annual plans and submitting the plan for Academic vice president and Research and Community Service for approval; 
B.     Communicating and inculcating the AU” s strategy, vision, mission and objective to AU members, and internal and external stakeholders;
C.     Directs t-learning, research, community service, technology transfer, quality enhancement, and other issues in the AU.
D.    Developing, together with the AU vice Deans/vice Directors and Academic Council, core process performance standards, procedures and guidelines;
E.     Oversee the proper functioning of academic unit level administrative bodies (registrar, finance, human resource, general serve, procurement and others);
F.      Implementing continuous quality management and process improvement initiatives;
G.   Ensuring customer and stakeholder satisfaction on the AU‟s core processes and programs; 
H.    Developing better work systems, environment and incentive system so as to improve motivation of staff, efficiency and effectiveness; 
I.        Establishing and maintaining bilateral and multilateral partnerships with international and local bodies; 
J.       Representing and advocating his AU in internal and external affairs, in external intellectual and social affairs and events; attend and speak on behalf of his AU on annual process and university meetings;
K.    Ensuring the provision of resources, facilities, training and education needed for the AU‟s staff; 
L.     Ensuring that budget for scholarship related costs such as airfare are allocated in their annual plans.
M.   Allocating budget for RCS activities and follow up its proper implementation and utilization. 
N.    Ensuring the delivery of adequate, continuous and relevant staff development, training and education programs in collaboration with international partners, university leadership and others; 
O.    Authorizing temporary degrees issued by the AU and original degrees together with the President;
P.       Creating, improving and maintaining core processes in academic, research, community services and technology transfer;
Q.    Developing appropriate staff development programs in line with the target performance goals of the AU‟s core processes;
R.     Conducting periodic and continuous impact assessment and evaluation on the performance of the AU‟s core processes;
S.      Benchmarking local and foreign best practices in areas related to the AU‟s services and deliverables and process;
T.     Appoint department heads, course chairs and equivalent 
U.    Prepare and communicate different performance reports of the AU.
V.    Perform additional tasks given by the Academic vice president and/or research and community service vice president.