MSc in Computer Engineering Entrance Exam Coverage

Those who have take Entrance Exam for Studing MSc in Computer Engineering the following  course coverage are included.

1. Computer Hardware--------------------------------------------------------30%

a. Computer Architecture and Organization
b. Microprocessors and Interfacing
c. Very Large Scale Integrated (VLSI ) Design
d. Digital Logic Design
e. Embedded Systems

2. Software Systems-----------------------------------------------------------30%

a. Operating Systems
b. Introduction to Distributed Systems
c. Systems Programming
d. Software Engineering
e. Internet Programming
f. Programming Languages/compiler Design
g. Human-Computer Interaction
h. Artificial Intelligence

3. Programming-----------------------------------------------------------------15%

a. Fundamentals of Programming using c++
b. Object Oriented Programming using java

4. Data Storage and Analysis---------------------------------------------------15%

a. Data Structures
b. Algorithms
c. Database Management Systems

5. Data Communication and Networks----------------------------------------10%

a. Computer Networks
b. Wireless and Mobile Communication
c. Computer and Network security