Academic Program Officer (Vice Dean)

                                      Demessu Kebede      

                         FECE APO

  Duties and responsibilities of Academic Program Officer/ vice Dean/ 

 Being  accountable  to  the Dean,  the  academic vice Dean  of  an  academic  unit shall  have  the following powers and responsibilities:

 1.  Directs the teaching learning activities of the academic units

 2.  Follows up and executes the decisions and recommendations of the AC.

 3.  Seeks  to  provide  opportunities  for  educational  and  professional  development  of  the  staff  and students of the academic unit.

 4.  Follows  up  and  facilitates  the  processing  of Development s,  promotions,  salary  increments  and benefits due to staff members of the AU.

 5.  Prepares  and causes to be prepared  plans, programs  and  budgets  for  the  activities  of the  faculty and closely supervises the implementation of approved plans and programs.

 6.  Supervises the proper use of resources within the AU.

 7.  Ensures that students‟ evaluations and colleague reviews of staff members of the AU are properly conducted and the necessary reports are submitted to the Dean as per procedures on these matters.

 8.  Develop strategies for the expansion of academic programs at all levels. 

 9.  Ensuring timely and effective communication and advertisement of academic programs.  

 10. Ensure timely and effective orientation of students.

 11. Ensure that course instructors, advisors and examiners are timely assigned on merit basis. 

 12. Follow  up  the  college‟s  customers  needs  &  expectations  and  works  toward  meeting  those identified needs and expectations;