Admission Criteria

Students Admission Criteria and Requirements  

Admission Requirements

Admissions to all regular undergraduate programs are processed through the Ministry of Education (MoE) of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. This is currently true for all public Universities across the whole nation. Admissions to the continuing education program (CEP) are processed through the Faculty’s registrar office based on the criteria set by Bahirdar University. 


Admission to Regular Program

Students who have successfully completed the 10 plus 2 years preparatory secondary education and have secured a minimum cutoff point with high scores in Physics and Mathematics are eligible to join the regular undergraduate B.Sc. degree program in civil engineering. This criterion is common to all Departments in the Faculty of engineering.

Depending on available spaces, diploma graduates from TVET (Technical Vocational Education and Training) in the fields of civil engineering will be admitted based on grades on competitive basis.

Applicants with a minimum cutoff point and with high scores in Physics and Mathematics in foreign countries examinations equivalent to the 10+2 preparatory program are also eligible. The equivalence is determined by department.

  Admission to Continuing Education Progrm

The criteria set for admission to the regular program will be employed as the criteria for admission to the continuing education program.

Candidates who are diploma graduates from an engineering faculty, TVET or similar recognized college in the fields of civil engineering with a minimum cutoff point will be admitted based on space availability, and competitive basis.       

Limited numbers of junior staff such as technical assistants in relevant field may be admitted each year based on non-competitive basis provided that he/she:

a)    Has served the University for a minimum of 5 consecutive years.

b)   Meet the minimum admission requirement set for the program.

c)    Obtain letter of recommendation from the business & development vice president.

Sign an undertaking to serve the University after graduation, at least two years of service for one complete year of study.