Photonics and Optical Communication Engineering (MSc)

Masters of Science in Photonics and Optical Communication Engineering

Hosting Unit 

Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Program Description:

This program is aimed to alleviate the challenges on shortage of technical manpower for design, development, operation, maintenance and management of photonics and optical devices, materials, network and system that help to improve the quality of telecom network sectors in the country. Based on this general principle, the faculty has designed a graduate program of study in Photonics and Optical Communication Engineering to meet the following specific objectives.

  • Train optical communication engineers who carry out research in the areas of photonics and optical communication engineering and relevant to the needs of the country.
  • Train photonics engineers who can design, develop, operate, install and manage photonic integrated circuits from nano scale to femto scale level, optical and telecommunication devices and systems.
  • Prepare graduates with capability to follow the current and future developments in the field and related applications.
  • Enable graduates to participate in the current research and encourage continuous learning and improvement in photonics and optical communication engineering so that the graduates feel confident enough to face the challenges of the rapidly changing global scenario.
  • Equipped the trainees with the highest values of professionalism and ethical attitude and nurture the ability to relate engineering issues to broader social context. 

Duration of the program

  • Two years for regular students
  • Three years for extension students

Medium of Instruction


Admission criteria

The applicant must have:

BSc degree in Electrical Power System Engineering, Control Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Computer Engineering and BSc in Applied physics from recognized institution after successful completion of one year bridge courses. Bridge courses are administered with undergraduate programs and details shall be decided by Faculty graduate committee (FGC).

  • BSc degree in Electronics and Communication System Engineering or Communication Engineering from recognized institution.
  • Pass an entrance examination administered by the faculty
  • Effective written and oral communication is vital for a successful academic carrier, thus foreign applicants may be required to submit results of GRE/TOEFL/IELTS or equivalent for applicants whose undergraduate medium of instruction is not English.
  • Candidates must submit a minimum of two recommendation letters, work experience, and sponsorship letter. 

Annual intake

25 students

Tuition fee

(2020/21 rate)

Contact person

 Tadie Birihan


 Phone: +251-902720743