Major and Specific Consultancy and Training Areas in FMIE

In Industrial Engineering program, there are many consultancy jobs and training areas for both manufacturing and service industries. Some of the consultancy and training areas in industrial engineering are listed in table 1 below. Industrial Engineers have sufficient qualification to consult and train on those areas.

        Major and Specific Consultancy and Training Areas in Industrial Engineering



Major Consultancy and Training Areas

Specific Constancy and Training Areas in Industrial Engineering



a.       Quality in Service Industries (Customer handling system)

b.      Quality in Manufacturing Industries

c.       Total Quality Management

d.      ISO 9000 Quality Management System

e.       Basic SPC Tools, Quality Control Circle, Six Sigma


Ergonomics and Safety

f.       Manual material handling and safety for loading/unloading

g.      Physical Ergonomics  (Physiological & Biomechanical)

h.      Cognitive Ergonomics (Human-machine system)

i.        Organizational Ergonomics (Industrial risk and safety)


Productivity  Measurement and Improvement

j.        Work study (work measurement, method engineering)

k.      Productivity improvement in manufacturing industries

l.        Production Management


Industrial Design and management

m.    Plant and Facility Layout (plant location, design, layout)

n.      Project Design and Management

o.      Supply Chain Management (Value Chain Analysis)

p.      Entrepreneurship Development

q.      Marketing and Financial Management

r.        Industrial cost accounting (Activity Based Costing)

s.       Maintenance Engineering and Management (TPM, RCM)


Process and System Design in Manufacturing and Service Industries


Business Process Re-engineering- BPR  (Training, Development, Monitoring, and Evaluation)


Kaizen (Training, Development, Monitoring, and Evaluation)


Balanced score card – BSC (Training, Development, Monitoring, and Evaluation)


Mechanical Consultation Areas

1.      Manufacturing Industries Process Optimization

2.      Quality Control & Assurance- Raw Materials For Mfg And Manufactured Products

3.      Energy Efficiency In Sugar Plant Steam And Power Generation. 

4.      Energy Auditing

5.      Refrigeration And Air Conditioning

6.      Thermal Power Plants

7.      Renewable Energy (More Focus On: Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Geothermal Energy)

8.      Automotive Work Shop Organization

9.      Material And Equipment Management For Automotive

10.  Fleet And Maintenance Management

11.  Cost Estimation For Damaged Vehicles

12.  Preparation Of Specification And Consultancy Of Motor Vehicle During Purchase

13.  Consultation On Disposal Of Old Vehicles

14.  Training On Advanced Automotive Technology Vehicles Such As Efi, Dfi, Esa…. And

15.  Welding, Casting, Fabrication Process, Atomic & Mechanical Bonding Of Joining Operation.

16.   Robotics & Automations.
17.  Design & Development Of Construction And Agricultural Machineries.