Electro-Mechanical Engineering


Electro-Mechanical Engineering is one of the most dynamic areas of modern technology. The program is designed to provide students with the necessary tools to begin a productive career in engineering practice or research, and with the technical background for analysis, design, development, operation on Electro-Mechanical systems. Although it is not possible to teach everything one needs to know in the bachelor program, the program provides a student with the skills, knowledge and a philosophy that will enable the students to continue to grow throughout their career. The program is designed for professional and adult learners who would like to broaden their knowledge, need to keep pace with new developments in their professions or earn a degree by attending conventional classes.


A program that prepares individuals to apply scientific and mathematical principles to the problems associated with combining electrical and mechanical components with special emphasis on manufacturing and automated processes. It Includes instruction in applied mechanics, instrumentation and monitoring, system modeling, automated control techniques, fluid, and thermal dynamics, and solid-state electronics. Electrical and mechanical engineering are normally considered two separate disciplines, but students can pursue an associate's degree or even a bachelor's degree in electro-mechanical engineering. The bachelor degree program in Electro-Mechanical engineering is particularly addressed to students who demonstrate a thorough grounding in scientific disciplines (e.g. Mathematics, Physics) and basic knowledge in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering.


Electro-Mechanical engineers develop and test all types of Electro-Mechanical equipment for commercial, industrial, military and scientific purposes. The Bachelor’s degree program in Electro-Mechanical engineering at Bahir Dar University is designed to enhance the prospects of future Electro-Mechanical engineers and efficiently enables them to plan, understand, and implement R&D (Research and Development) projects for new products and beyond the traditional domain.


Program Objective

This program is aimed at producing skilled and knowledgeable graduates to fill the existing national and international manpower demand in the electromechanical sector.