Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineering

What is Industrial Engineering?
Industrial Engineers are interested in people and how they interact with technology.

All industrial engineers share the common goal of increasing an organization’s efficiency, profitability, and safety in a variety of areas - manufacturing, retail, health care, finance, information technology, transportation, energy and consulting.

With Industrial Engineering, you will engineer complex systems. By system, we mean any organization and/or business process in which people, materials, information, equipment, processes and/or energy interact in an integrated fashion. By engineering we mean the analysis, design, installation, control, evaluation, and improvement of systems, in a manner that protects the integrity and health of the human, social, and natural ecologies.

Should You Become an Industrial Engineer?

Here are some typical qualities of our industrial engineering students:

Enjoy math, business, and new technologies.

Love working with people, organizing clubs and teams.

Look at things in terms of the big picture, and have ideas about how it could work better.

Have an interest in how people and technology interact.

Want have an exciting, flexible career, not limited to one industry or city.