Mechanical Engineering

What is Mechanical Engineering?
Mechanical engineers design, manufacture, and operate systems that extend our physical abilities. A mechanical engineer's work is seen every day in anything that moves. This includes designing an aircraft, planning a building's ventilation system and improving a car's fuel economy. Mechanical engineering also saves lives through bioengineering technologies. The world's first artificial heart was partially designed, manufactured and implanted using mechanical engineering principles.

Course Profile

Bachelor Degree Programs
Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Hosting Unit 

Faculty of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Program Description:

As a mechanical engineer in BSc, it has involved with devising, designing, fabricating and improving equipment, tools, appliances and machines. A bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering can prepare one to both get a job and work as an engineer and to go onto graduate school. 

Duration of the program

Five years

Medium of Instruction


Admission criteria

Applicants should achieve the minimum score on Ethiopian Higher Education Qualification Certificate Examination (EHEQCE) or equivalent which satisfies admission cut point to higher education set by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and the Higher Education Relevance and Quality Agency. 

Annual intake

240 students

Contact person

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