Sisay Geremew (PhD)
Assistant Professor


  • Entrepreneurship Development and Small business Management, 2016, for Dera Woreda SME Owners, Hamusit for six days.
  • The Role of Packaging on Enterprise Marketing and Sales, 2009, for Amhara SME owners, Gondar for three days, in collaboration with GIZ-ECBP
  • Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation for Amhara Water works construction Interprise, 2007,Bahir Dar, Ethiopia for five days

Trainings Participated:

·         Entrepreneurship Education Methodologies (ToT),  UNIDO, Sep.4 to Sep. 8, 2017

·         ProNet Ethiopian: ProNet Entrepreneurship Certified Trainer (ToT), GIZ, May 01 to May 12, 2017

·       Entrepreneurship Training Workshop for MSMES, Entrepreneurship Development Center, UNIDO, Government of Canada, April 18-23, 2016

·   Transformational Leadership, Ethiopian management Institute, from July 20, to July 24, 2015, Bishoftu, Ethiopia

·         Mentoring in Global Education, Awareness and Research Undergraduate Program(GEAR UP) in Bahir Dar University, Haward University, College of Engineering, Archticture and Computer Science, 2014

·         Scientific Research methodology and writing skills,   Bergische University Wuppertal, Gaussstr. 20, D-42119 Wuppertal, Germany, Oct. to Nov.2010

·         Quality management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Capacity Building International Germany, InWENT, Mannheim, Germany, April. 2007 to May 2007


Ø  Entrepreneurship Development

Ø  Project Management

Ø  Product Development and Innovation

Ø  Advanced Facilities Design

Ø  Work Study and Ergonomics

Ø  Quality Management

Ø  Industrial Management

PUBLICATIONS (Exhaustively list your publications here )

  • Ajit Pal Singh,  Sisay Geremew Gebeyehu, Industrial Robot Selection using VIKOR and TOPSIS Techniques: Springer: Journal of Industrial Engineering International: in print
  • ShimelisTilahun, Sisay G. Gebeyehu and Betsha Tizazu (2017). Developing Anthropometric Standards for Ethiopian Clothing Design, International journal on recent and innovative Trends in Technology, Vol.3 Issue 7, July 2017, ISSN. 2454-1400
  • Gebeyehu, S. G.(2015):  Work-Process Orientation of Vocational Education and Training (VET): A Leapfrogging Opportunity for Ethiopian Manufacturing Sector, in print
  • Gebeyehu, S. G.(2014)  Industry based skill standards and their role for enterprise productivity, BiT research bulletin, Vol. I issue I, Feb.
  • Gebeyehu, S. G. (2013). Developing Sector Specific VET for Ethiopian Leather Product Manufacturing Sector (Work-Process Oriented Approach), PhD Dissertation, Wuppertal university press- URN (NBN):urn:nbn:de:hbz:46820140508 105622-3
  • Gebeyehu, S. G. (2012). Work-process-oriented approach of improving labour productivity in Ethiopian leather product manufacturing. National Conference On Science, Technology, and Innovations For The Prosperous Ethiopia (NCSTI) (pp. 129-139). Bahir Dar: Bahir Dar University.
  • Gebeyehu, S. G. (2011). The role of service quality management for customer retention: An empirical investigation on Ethiopian service industries, research report, South African Journal of Industrial Engineering. South African Journal of Industrial Engineering- Volume 18, Issue 2, Nov 2008.
  • Gebeyehu, S. G. & Roy, R. N. (2004). Developing Project Performance Evaluation Model to Minimize Project Delay Based on Some On-going Industrial Projects. Addis Ababa: Addis Ababa University, MScThesis.


Ø  Industrial Policy and Business/Enterprise Development

Ø  Quality and Productivity

Ø  Human Factors Engineering

Ø  Project evaluation and appraisal


  • Ability to work in teams, Open-mindedness and tolerance, Pro-active  
  • Communication skills
  • Planning skills, Leadership skills, Problem solving skills,
  • Development of work and thought processes
  • General skills that can be applied in different contexts,
ICT building