Automobile Engineering

Automotive Engineering Program

Automobile Engineering is a branch study of engineering which teaches manufacturing, designing, mechanical mechanisms as well operations of automobiles. It is an introduction to vehicle engineering which deals with motorcycles, cars, buses, trucks, etc. It includes branch study of mechanical, electronic, software and safety elements.

Automotive engineering program has been established in Bahir-Dar University, Bahir-Dar institute of technology (BiT) since 2013 GC.  With the aim of performing all academic activities like conducting good quality of teaching and participating in research, community service, and technology transfer.

The objective of this program is to provide the student adequate knowledge and skill of basic Automotive engineering concepts, working principles related to design, manufacturing, service and maintenance. In addition, understand and implement the procedure for pollution control, legal aspects such as automotive act, fleet management, insurance, registration of vehicles under different State body control, emission standards

Should You Become an Automotive Engineer?

Here are some typical qualities of our automotive engineering students:

  • Enjoy physics and math.
  • Have critical thinking ability sufficient for diagnosis of automotive failures.
  • Interpersonal abilities sufficient to interact with customers, supervisors, and fellow employees from a variety of social, emotional, cultural and intellectual backgrounds.
  • Have good communication abilities sufficient for effective interaction with others in spoken and written English.
  • Remain continuously on task for several hours while standing, sitting, moving, lifting, bending and/or working in awkward positions.
  • Able to focus and concentrate on diagnostics, repair, and maintenance tasks requiring electrical and mechanical skills.

Programs under automotive engineering chair

There is one undergraduate program which is currently running under automotive engineering chair. This program majorly designed to graduate students under the program with a promising knowledge of both in practical and theoretical concepts which enable them to face and solve different challenges that may encounter them in their future carrier.

The students will get their BSc. degree after five years of study duration. All Automotive Engineering courses are taught through a combination of lectures, and laboratory (workshop) practices and also some of the courses are supported by tutorial. This will enable students to develop numerous skills within the automotive industry.

Workshops/ laboratories

Currently, the following workshops/laboratories are administered under the program:

  • Engine overhauling
  • Automotive electrical and electronics system
  • Automotive power train
  • IC Engine and reciprocating machine