Thermal Engineering

Thermal Engineering chair

The thermal Engineering chair is one of the chair units established under the Faculty with the aim of decentralizing all academic activities including staff development, infrastructure development, course development and offers, research and community service activities.  Staffs are also grouped within our chair as per their field of specialization and areas of interest.   The thermal Engineering chair is also responsible for setting out development plan (for staff, infrastructure, programs, courses, and research) and execute as planned in collaboration with the faculty and institute. Currently, the Thermal Engineering chair has two-course groups based on individuals’ interests, tendencies and work experiences, and specializations.

  • Thermal Engineering Science Course Group
  • Thermal Systems Engineering Course Group

Each Course group has a group chair and members, and this allows for the more interactive working environment and share of ideas.   In addition better collaboration in a course offering, research activities and community service are more easily shared and the chair system is expected to be more specific with an increased number of groups in the coming years.

Vision, Mission, and Goal of Thermal Engineering Chair


To become one of the top ten premier Thermal  Engineering  Chair Group in Africa in 2025 recognized for its practical oriented education,  research, and innovative technologies.  

Most importantly,  we envision having a national impact via a program which provides broad-based educational training in thermal engineering and its applications, research and outreach activities that focuses on the dissemination of technologies centering to the need of the local community and industrial sector. This can be accomplished by enabling our graduates to meet the challenge of the engineering profession in the rapidly changing environment that exists in a developing country like Ethiopia.


The mission of the Thermal Engineering Chair at BiT is to contribute substantially for economic, scientific  and  technological  development  of  the  nation  as  well  as  the  region;  through  the provision of high-quality education, active engagement in research and outreach activities for the betterment of life, while offering our staff a conducive and rewarding working environment that values recognize and appreciate their contributions.


  • Deliver high-quality undergraduate and graduate programs that are responsive to the nation quality and coverage need for higher education.
  • Ensure a conducive environment for teaching-learning and facilities thereof that ensures students’ academic development, self-learning, market competitiveness, innovativeness, and intellectual maturity
  • Improve the current services and offer new ones so as to expand and strengthen outreach activities.
  • Establish and maintain a long-lasting professional (educational and research) collaboration with national and international institutions.
  • Establish a national research laboratory and standardization center for thermal equipment and renewable energy science.
  • Establish a standardized Thermo-fluid lab for use by local and national stakeholders in the field (the hub for educational and research activities of thermal science in the region).
  • Promote all Thermal Engineering chair core activities,   programs, achievements and contributions to increase its national and international recognition.

Workshop and laboratories:

In thermal engineering stream, there are different laboratories available

  • Thermo-fluid laboratory
  • Refrigeration and air conditioning laboratory
  • Turbomachinery laboratory