Industrial Design and Management Science

Industrial Design and Management Science Chair

Industrial Engineering program, nowadays, consists of two chair units named as Industrial Design and Management Science chair and Production and System Engineering chair. Both chairs are working hard to achieve excellence in teaching and the learning process, research, and publication, and community service and technology transfer which result from the betterment of the program, Industrial Engineering, in particular, and faculty, faculty of  Mechanical and Industrial Engineering,  in general. Brief description of industrial design and management chair is given below.

Industrial Design and Management Science focuses on the systematic and creative application of scientific and mathematical principles to practical ends such as the design, manufacture, operation, and engineering management of efficient and economical industrial machines, processes, and systems. Application areas of the chair cover from manufacturing and production to the business and public sectors.

Some Concern Area of the Chair

Here are the main concern areas of the chair:

  • Industrial facilities plan, design, erection, and control
  • Developing maintenance schedules for the factory’s machines
  • Human factors engineering: Design of work methods and safety
  • Design and implementation of Quality management systems
  • Conducting Feasibility Study of Engineering projects
  • Industrial operations and information system management,
  • Engineering economy analysis for industries and projects
  • Engineering project management for industrial projects (plan to implementation)
  • Design and Analysis of logistics and supply chain management of industries.

Moreover, consultation and community service activities on the improvement of productivity, quality, safety, working condition, and resource management makes the chair valuable by factories and service organizations. The training that will be given by the chair addressing the engineering and managerial issues are significant for future competitiveness and sustainability of the industrial companies of Ethiopia.

Through quality teaching-learning, problem-solving research, and community service activity, the mission of the chair is to generate cutting-edge knowledge at the intersection of engineering and management.

Our Chair Thematic Research Areas

The chair has identified the following research thematic areas.

  • Supply chain management and logistics engineering
  • Quality Engineering and management
  • Ergonomics and Industrial safety
  • Maintenance and reliability engineering
  • Innovation and technology management