Thermal Engineering (MSc)

Masters of Science in Thermal Engineering
Hosting Unit 
Faculty of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Program Description:
The program graduates under thermal engineering are able to designed and solve various problems in Power generation (Hydro, wind, solar and Geothermal), refrigeration and air conditioning, energy for Process industries, turbo machine component design industries, textile and agro based industries, aviation industries and similar disciplines in mechanical engineering. A student who graduates with this specialization can work at higher education institution as trainers of undergraduates. They can serve process industries and energy planning and development tasks. 
Duration of the program
Two years
Medium of Instruction
Admission criteria
  • In addition to the requirements set by the School of Graduate Studies, Candidates must have successfully completed the academic requirements of B.Sc degree in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent.
  • Pass an entrance examination administered by the faculty.
Annual intake
25 students
Tuition fee
Contact person
Gebeyehu Tebabal, MSc.   
Phone: +251918377681