Thermal Engineering (PhD)

Doctor of Philosophy in Thermal Engineering
Hosting Unit 
Faculty of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Program Description:
PhD Thermal Engineering graduates are able to design and optimization of different thermal equipment’s like heat exchanger, turbines, aerospace propulsion system, heating and ventilation system and refrigeration systems and equipment and processes that utilize thermal primary energy resources and also on the design, performance analysis of fluid machines.
Duration of the program
Three to Four years
Medium of Instruction
Admission criteria
Applicants should meet the general application and admission policy of the BiT-BDU
  1. Applicant who have successfully completed MSc degree a recognized institute or university preferably in mechanical engineering/thermal engineering/ or in chemical engineering or any equivalent field. Applicants with MSc in related field but who did not took the thermal engineering core courses may be granted provisional admission and will be required to take bridge courses as recommended by the FGC.
  2. Applicant should pass a written qualifying examination and interview. Applicant with at least five years of related service (teaching, research and development) or applicant who have at least two related research articles published in reputed refereed journals may be exempted from entrance examination.
  3. The concept note for the PhD dissertation should be approved by the advisor with the rank of associate professor or above before submission for the FGC for final approval
  4. Foreign applicants should lieu of sitting for entrance examination; submit results if GRE/TOEFL/IELTS or equivalent language proficiency examination if undergraduate and postgraduate program medium of instructions is not English. 
  5. The applicant must produce a minimum of two letters of recommendation.
 Annual intake
5 students
Tuition fee
(2020/21 rate)
Contact person
Temesgen Assefa, MSc.   
Phone: +251-918007272