Yonas Mitiku Degu

Yonas Mitiku Degu
Assistant Professor


Yonas Mitiku Degu (Assistant Professor)


BSc. In Mechanical Engineering, 2005

MSc. Applied Mechanics (Mechanical Design), 2008

Academic experience

Lecturer 2008-2012

Assistant professor 2012- till now

Director School of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, 2012-2014

Deputy Scientific Director, Bahir Dar Institute of technology, Bahir Dar University, 2016-2018

Non-academic experience

Best Teacher of the year in 2014, Bahir Dar Institute of Technology

Honors and awards

Best Teacher Award, Bahir Dar institute of Technology, Bahir Dar University, 2015

Service activities

Technical Advisory team in the building of Nigat Boat,2010-2012

Technical Advisory committee Chair person and team member in the building of Hibir Boat, 2015

Publications and presentations

Yonas Mitiku, Defaru T., Fasica M., Firew H. and Elias S., Design and Manufacturing of Mechanical Steering System for Parallel Parking, Zero Turning Radius, Minimum Turning Radius with Traditional Turning, Science, Technology and Arts Research Journal, 2016.

Abebe F. and Yonas Mitiku, Design, Fabrication and Testing of Animal Drawn Multiple Mouldboard Plough, 6th  EAI International Conference, ICAST 2018, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia,

Fentahun A. and Yonas Mitiku,  Test and Characterization of Tensile Strength of Oxytenanthera Abyssinica and Yushania Alpina Bamboos, 6th  EAI International Conference, ICAST 2018, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia,

Yonas Mitiku, Derbew A., Design of Composite Gyrocopter Main Rotor Blade Involving Rib and Spar Elements, EPPM-Journal, 2019

Professional development activities

Principal Investigator for Appropriate scale Mechanization Innovation Project, Funded by USAID, Feed the future Innovation Lab.

Design and Technical Consultant for the Integrated Water Hyacinth Harvesting, Transporting and Conveying machines.

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