10th EAI International Conference on Advancement of Science and Technology-ICAST 2022 has been started at BiT-BDU

[November 04, 2022 Bahir Dar, ISC/BiT]
The morning session began with a speech by Professor Teketel Yohannes, Executive Director of the Ethiopian Academy of Sciences. Professor Teketel described the trip, mentioning the goal, objectives, actions, and the path for the Academy's membership types and processes. The session was followed with Professor Afework Kassu, EAS Fellow and Board member, AHRI G/Director who underlined the importance of leadership and the utility of the Ethiopian Education Roadmap, which would restore quality education for all while raising national standards.
Dr. Firew Tegegne, President of Bahir Dar University and EAS Fellow: Agricultural Working Group, spoke about agro-processing, along with acknowledgment for BiTec on its remarkable efforts to support the industry. Later on, Dr. Mengesha Mamo, EAS Fellow: Engineering and Technology Working Group, Chairperson: Engineering and Technology Working Group, spoke on technology innovation and commercialization. They attempted to bolster their argument by citing examples from industrialized countries such as Turkey, the United States, Japan, South Korea, and Europe. 
The afternoon session was opened by Professor Kibret Mequanint, who emphasized the ICAST's extraordinary and steady path over the last ten years, while also expressing gratitude that the university is celebrating its 60th anniversary. Dr. Bimrew Tamrat, Scientific Director of Bahir Dar Institute of Technology, enforced the anniversary while describing the institute's operations, which included teaching, learning, research, community service, and technology transfer. Dr. Firew Tegegne, President of BDU, applauded the concept while explaining the university's reputation to the conference attendees. According to his address, the students are learning for tomorrow's challenges, where the Maritime Academy graduates are known for their success by the international community. He also mentioned that several engineering streams are on their way to being approved by ABET, which will allow graduates to work on a global scale. Meanwhile, he stated that the university is aiming to encourage research that would go well above expectations. 
The session was followed with a speech by His Excellency Mr. Solomon Soka, Director General of INSA, who emphasized the importance of cyber security as well as the necessity for educated graduates and relevant research. According to his speech, responding to the needs of international changes is important in order to maintain the influence. The session continued with a keynote speech by Professor Sossina M. Haile, who spoke on Electrochemistry for Sustainable Energy Technologies, emphasizing renewable energy for a sustainable society where the impact of climate change is increasingly severe and devastating due to the world's growing population. She then presented specifics about fuel cells, which were followed by discussions. The final presentation was on Construction Industry Practices by Dr. Asregedew Kassa, who discussed current trends and activities at the national level, as well as the roadmap up to 2042 Ethiopian Calendar. Meanwhile, he presented and highlighted the sector's challenges, as well as the solution in the form of a Way-Forward, as well as thorough discussions.
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