Information communication technology for development (ICT4D) research center is one of the research centers in Bahir Dar institute of Technology, Bahir Dar University which is established in 2016. The aim of the center is to foster the development of the nation by conducting research and developing ICT related projects. The center incorporates five major research groups which are e-service, Intelligent systems, wireless and mobile communication, Natural language Processing as well as privacy and security. The research center also has a training coordinator that is responsible to facilitating various trainings that are delivered in collaboration with national and international companies. ICT4D research center has conducted successfully three international conferences named International Conference on ICT for development Africa. The papers accepted are published on Springer and IEEE. The center has also done many community services, conducted various seminars, offered trainings and performed consultancy services.

Main Activities

  • Conducting Applied Researches:The center carries high-quality applied researches with impact to society, market, demonstrating in a practical way the added value of research through the creation of systems, experimental validation, industrial applications, and social impact. The center has produced more than 30 publications.
  • Organize International Annual Conference:the research center organizes a conference named International Conference on ICT for development for Africa (ICT4D). The research center has successfully organized three ICT4DA conferences: ICT4DA2017, ICT4DA2019, and ICT4DA2021 where accepted and presented papers of the first two conferences are published on Springer while that of the third is published in IEEE Xplore digital library. The 4th international conference ICT4DA2022 will take place from 28 – 30 November 2022. Visit conference website for more:-
  • Provide Trainings:various trainings in collaboration with Microsoft, Targeted Technology Institute (USA), League of Ethiopian Academics and Professionals (USA), and other local training are being given. We are also arranging an international exam center and training laboratory.
  • Other Activities:community service, technology transfer and consultancy service activities are some other activities the research center is engaged.