Trainings in Progress

  • BiT-SkillsLab Training -  is organized in collaboration with Microsoft4Africa . 110 candidate Interns were registered for BiT-SkillsLab training. Among them about 90 sat for an online exam prepared by the team here. 69 applicants are able to score the pass mark.  Among them 58 interns ( 29 for  each program - Data Science and Cyber Security) have confirmed their commitment for the participation of the program. The interns are signing an agreement with BiT. ICT4D has selected two local mentors for each program - hence there are 4 local mentors in total from computing and computer engineering. The training is already launched. 

  • Advanced web application development this training is organized in collaboration with Targeted Technology Institute. 330 applicant 164 selected for web design and web-based applications. The main intention of this training, is not to introduce trainees to the languages and technologies (as we believe they have acquired them through the formal courses), but to engage them to the fullest so that they will attain the level of competence as web designer and web-based application developer using state-of-the-art technologies including JavaScript and Node JS. The training is in progress

  • Programming in Amharic (BunaScript) – this training allows students to write computer programs in Amharic - language shouldn't be a barrier to write computer programs is the notion of the training. It has been two weeks since the training has been kicked-off. 25 Grade 9 students from BDU STEM center are enrolled for the training.  The Amharic compiler named BunaScript is developed by Dr. Meshesha K. Cherie (USA). A USA based league namedLEAP (League of Ethiopian Academics and Professionals) is coordinating the application of BunaScript in universities of Amhara region. Currently, in addition to BDU four other universities of Amhara region - UoG, WU, DMU, & DBU - are providing the training to students of boarding schools, high schools orSTEM centers.

  • Training on Local Area Network (LAN) - this is a two-week training arranged in collaboration with Internet Society Africa, Partners inEducation Ethiopian and BDU. For this training 30 unemployed graduates of IT and related fields are selected from Bahir Dar and Durbetie. 

Trainings provided

  1. Coding Skill TOT -  this trainining is provided to teachers from primary schools and district education experts of Bahir Dar. Plan international Ethiopia implement a project that aims at laying a framework for primary school students where they will introduce to programming, computers, electronics, and other emerging technologies at an early age. The training also creates an opportunity to bring coding to classrooms in a fun and immersive manner.  The TOT training is provided on coding skills to teachers from primary schools, district education experts and working in Bahir Dar city and surroundings from from 13th - 24th April 2021. The ICT4D research center in collaboration with STEM Center, Bahir Dar University has given TOT training for 10 consecutive days. The TOT covered scratch programing, Python programming, LEGO Kits construction and Robotics. 

  2. Drupal Website Administration, Mr. Mebratu Beyene & Dr. Esubalew Almneh, August 28-29 2020 G.C., Bahir Dar Institute of Technology Website Administrators.
  3. Workshop on Biomaker Challenges, Prof Jim Haseloff, BiT New Library, Oct 31 - Nov 2019, Computing Faculty Undergraduate Students in BiT, BDU Data
  4. Analysis using Python Programming, Mr. Mebratu Beyene, Wisdom Tower, Sep 16 -20, 2019, Researchers and PG students, BNWI, BDU
  5. Setting up community networking using point connection, Dr. Shaddi Hasen, BiT Seminar Room, Sep 1 – 2, 2019, Computing and Electrical Faculty Staff, BiT, BDU