Director’s Message

Hello Viewers,

Welcome to the website of ICT4D research center.  It is my pleasure to introduce you our research projects and other related activities.

The objective of Bahir Dar Institute of Technology is to remain source of pride of all Ethiopians through its excellence in engineering and technology education, research, innovation and public services. ICT plays a vital role to keep the momentum of the institute and for the development of the community. ICT4D research center is established with aim of promoting the growth of Ethiopia by conducting research, developing ICT related projects and participating various other activities. The research center strives to be one of the top ICT research centers at continental level through innovation and technology transfer.

ICT4D research center is primarily engrossed in conducting applied researches that assists in improving the quality of life of the society. The focus areas of the researches are mobile and wireless communications, natural language processing, artificial intelligence and development of lightweight software systems for multitude of domains which includes but not limited to agriculture, health, transportation, and finance. In addition to conducting researches, we also work on technology transfer, consultancy, training and other different types of community services.

The research center has conducted two international conferences successfully and we are preparing for the third one. The conference brings researchers, engineers, developers, and practitioners together from the academia and the industry to present and discuss their research work, to facilitate the transfer of experience and to foster collaboration among different groups in the area of ICT.

This website presents latest researches, achievements, expertise, events and other activities of ICT4D research centers.  I invite you to take some time to visit our website and learn more about us.  You are also warmly welcomed to work with us, to give us your valuable comments and to visit us in person and meet our researchers and students working with us. As we strongly encourage multidisciplinary research anyone who is interested to work with us can contact us without any hesitation.  Thank you!