Semianrs in 2020/2021

  1. Elaborated Action Design Research, Debas Senshaw, Coming Soon
  2. Internship and Externship Placement Management System, Developed by Internship Students, Samuel Bazezew, Coming Soon
  3. Inernet of Things: Architecture, Protocol and Application, Adugna Necho
  4. Digital Notice Board (Signage) System, Andargachew Gobena, Ahmed Nuru, and Endris Hiyaru
  5. Training and Education Quality Assurance and Enhancement System, Developed by Internship Students, Mikiyas Girma and Samuel Negash, September 03, 2021 
  6. Identification and classification of functional and non-functional requirements from Amharic documents, MSc, thesis, Elsay Mekonnen, August 20, 2021
  7. Morpho-syntax analysis of Ethiopian Languages, Dr. Gashaw Arutie Asaye, Faculty of Humanitites, Bahir Dar University
  8. PIs of the 5 active researches  have presented their research progress as seminars
  9. Introduction to, Block Chain Technology, Mr. Mebratu
  10. Trend of Research Data Archiving and Sharing in Ethiopian Research Universities and Institutes, Dr. Esubalew Alemneh
  11. The Augumented Artifial Inteligence, Addisu Damena
  12. Amharic Text Corpus Preparation using POS and Steming, Tsegaye Abebe

Semianrs in 2019/2020

  1. "Information Display System for BDU", Addissu Damena
  2. "Incompus Discussion Forum for BDU", Addissu Damena
  3. "Speech alignment and Transcription and Recording read speech from different regions", Dr. Tesfa Tegegne, ICT4DOffice,17-Mar-2020
  4. "Design of Water pollution monitoring system using WSN", Mr. Mebratu Beyene, ICT4D Office, 10-March-2020
  5. "Amharic Text Corpus Development Based on Part of Speech", Mr. Hailu Beshada, ICT4D Office,10-Mar-2020
  6. "Applications of WSN", Mr. Mebratu Beyene, BiT Hall 3, 6-Nov-2019
  7. "Interactive and multimedia system", Prof Alan Blackwell, BiT Hall 3, 6-Nov-2019
  8. "Applications of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence", Prof Alan Blackwell, PG Lab (FoC), 5-Nov-2019