Mobile and Wireless Communication

The wireless communication and mobile computing research group focuses in the areas of wireless sensor networking, mobile ad-hoc networking, energy efficiency in wireless communication, context awareness in hand-held devices, location aware services and related fields of research and innovation.

Key strategic issues and objectives


  1. Wireless and sensor technology: Wireless technology has been in day-to-day life of the developed world. This technology can be adapted and improved in order to apply in the local community for weather and climate monitoring, transportation and traffic controlling, agricultural field observation and public safety.
  2. Mobile applications and systems: These days mobile are being used in every sector of the socio-economic activities: industries, communications, health, education, entertainment and others. Mobiles can be used to facility communication and support noneducated to interact with technologies. Disabled users of mobile can also be assisted in their day-to-day activities by adapting the mobile to local context and society.
  3. Energy efficiency in mobile and wireless communication: One of the hot research areas of energy and power is to develop power efficient wireless devices. Those devices can have significant impact in rural Ethiopia's communication to support the public health service, good governance and community education. This research group works on improving energy efficiency of wireless devices and introduces alternative sources of energy.
  4. External relation and collaboration: Relations with local and external universities, research centers, private and governmental organizations are vital to acquire research funds, conduct collaborative research, knowledge and experience sharing. The research group needs to establish relations entities which have interest on wireless communication and mobile computing.
  5. Technology transfer and applied research: Adoption and adaptation of technologies that can facility local socio-economic development. This research group explores technologies and innovations that can be applied locally to support socio-economic development of the country.

Research Group Head: Mr. Mebratu Beyene