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Call for React Native Training
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ICT4D Research Center Won Lacuna Fund
በባሕር ዳር ዩኒቨርሲቲ የባሕር ዳር ቴክኖሎጂ ኢንስቲትዩት የICT4D የምርምር ማዕከል የ Mobile Application Development (React Native) በሚል ርዕስ በማእከሉ የስልጠናዎች አስተባባሪ አዘጋጅነት ለተከታታይ 3 ወራት ሲሰጥ የነበረውን ስልጠና አጠናቀቀ።
SEMINAR Sharing Experiences on "Developing a Locally Embedded Curriculum for IT-Driven Agri-Food Business Development”
Paper Submission Deadline Extended for July 15, 2022, 4th International Conference on ICT for Development for Africa (ICT4DA2022)
A Training on CCNA Certification and Cybersecurity
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News, Updates and Announcements

We are pleased to announce that ICT4D Research Center, in collaboration with HausaNLP research group of Bayero University Kano, Rewire, Language Technology Group (LT) - Universität Hamburg, Masakhane and LIAAD INESC Technology and Science - Associate Laboratory have successfully secured a Lacuna Fund grant to develop resources for Hate and Offensive Speech detection in 18 African Languages.

CCNA certification proves you have what it takes to navigate the ever-changing landscape of IT. CCNA exam covers networking fundamentals, IP services, security fundamentals, automation and programmability. Designed for agility and versatility, CCNA validates that you have the skills required to manage an optimize today’s most advanced networks.

Call for React Native Training

ICT4D Research center is planning to offer a training on React Native.  React Native (also known as RN) is a popular JavaScript-based mobile app framework that allows you to build natively-rendered mobile apps for iOS and Android. The training will be given for three months (once per-week-3 hours, Total of 36 hours) by trainers who have a hands-on experience on the framework. The in-person training will be scheduled on weekends and it will be provided in Bahir Dar Institute of Technology. Fundamental programming concepts are pre-requisites to join this training.

Congratulations! ICT4DA 2021 publications are now available online on IEEE Xplore digital library.

34 papers are published in this proceeding. Despite, difficult situation we are able to conduct the conference successfully. We just wanted to take a moment to thank organizing committee of the conference, both technical and finical sponsors, keynote and special session speakers, reviewers, authors, top management of Bahir Dar Institute of Technology and others involved in the conference for such a great support! Here is the link to the proceeding.


በባሕር ዳር ዩኒቨርሲቲ የባሕር ዳር ቴክኖሎጂ ኢንስቲትዩት የICT4D የምርምር ማዕከል “Advanced Web Design and Development/ full-stack” በሚል ርዕስ ስልጠና ሰጠ

የባህር ዳር ቴክኖሎጂ ኢንስቲትዩት የICT4D የምርምር ማዕከል ከTargeted Institute of Technology ጋር በመሆን “Advanced Web Design and Development/ full-stack” በሚል ርዕስ ያዘጋጀውን ኦንላይን ሥልጠና አጠናቀቀ። ስልጠናውም Basics of HTML፣ CSS፣ Web development with WordPress፣ Introduction of Databases with MySQL፣ Javascript፣ Node.js የሚሉ ርዕሶች የተካተቱበት እንደ ነበር እና በሥልጠናውም ሰልጣኞቹ የተማሩትን የሚተገብሩባቸው የተለያዩ ተግባራዊ ልምምዶችና ፕሮጀክቶች እንደተሰጡ ተገልጿል። ተጨማሪ ያንብቡ