Mission, Vision and Core Values


Remain to be a source of pride for the nation through excellence in technological education, research and innovation.


  • To produce competent professionals in various fields of technology and engineering through undergraduate and graduate studies.

  • To conduct research and innovation that contributes to industrial and national development needs.

  • To expand and conduct technology transfer, consultancy service, community engagement that impacts the lives of people and enhance income generation.

Core Values

  • Academic freedom: a strong commitment to a free and democratic academic environment whereby all the institute communities exercise the right to  free expression of ideas; inquire, investigate and engage in relevant academic practices; and development to pursuit for freedom of truth.

  • Continuous learning: BiT recognizes the importance of different tools for continuous improvement and believes in the principle of systematically seeking to achieve incremental changes to improve the efficiency and quality and strive to develop lifelong learners which help for reputability based on the successful execution of the mission.

  • Quality: the institute upholds quality as the ruling standard in teaching, research and community engagement, and commits to attain highest standards.

  • Innovation: develop a culture for generating new ideas, processes, services, technologies and entrepreneurial skills in line with competitiveness and cooperation to integrate diverse perspectives into new knowledge and novel solutions to problems.

  • Social responsibility: BiT recognizes the obligation to act and behave ethically with sensitivity towards social, cultural, environmental and economic issues of the nation. All endeavors of the institute should be environmentally friendly so as to benefit the society at large    and maintaining the health and integrity of ecosystem.

  • Recognition of merit: BiT has a strong belief on the importance of giving public and institutional recognition to the person who makes significant contribution to the socio-economic development and environmental sustainability

  • Diversity & Internationalization: BiT recognizes the need to prepare students and staffs to engage in a national and global environment which needs students and staffs to have diverse perspectives and enable them to interact meaningfully with those very different from themselves.