The 60th Anniversary Exhibition was held at BiT-BDU

The 60th Anniversary Exhibition was held at BiT-BDU.
[May 13, 2023 Bahir Dar, ISC/BiT]
Dr. Bimrew Tamrat, the scientific director of Bahir Dar Institute of Technology (BiT), inaugurated the exhibition with a welcome speech to the guests and visitors. Following Dr. Firew Tegegne, the president of Bahir Dar University formally launched the exhibition by cutting the ribbon.
One of the highlights of the exhibition was the showcase of the historical background of the university, which traced its origins from a technical school established in 1963 to a full-fledged university in 2000. The showcase also presented some of the milestones and achievements of BDU in terms of academic excellence, research output, community service, and international recognition.
Another highlight was the display of the innovative products of BDU staff, BiTec center, EiTEX and other university entities. These products included software applications, hardware devices, renewable energy solutions, biotechnology products, and more. The visitors were impressed by the creativity and quality of these products, which demonstrated the potential and capacity of BDU to contribute to the development and transformation of Ethiopia and beyond.
The exhibition also honors the university heroes who have contributed to its growth and excellence with their photos and achievements.
Dr. Firew Tegegne, President of BDU, eventually expressed his happiness in his closing remarks and requested the exhibition committee to address any shortcomings for the next 60th anniversary's final day.
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