Workshop on Biomaker

A workshop runs by Prof Jim Haseloff from the University of Cambridge in collaboration with the ICT4D and the new Bahir Dar Makerspace at BiT.
The workshop invite students (engineering and non-engineering) to learn how to use technology to address challenges in health, agriculture and the environment, biological and social scientists who would like to understand the interfaces between the digital, biological and human arenas are particularly welcome.

Jim Haseloff is a plant biologist and Professor of Synthetic Biology at the University of Cambridge, where he chairs the Synthetic Biology Strategic Research Initiative and is Director of OpenPlant, a BBSRC/EPSRC research center for Synthetic Biology ( His scientific interests are focused on the engineering of plant morphogenesis, using microscopy, molecular genetics, computational and synthetic biology techniques ( He and his group have developed new approaches to RNA engineering, quantitative imaging and gene expression in plants, and promote the potential of Synthetic Biology as a tool to engineer new feedstocks for sustainable use.

Scheduled from Thursday 31 Oct -Friday 1 Nov. 2019
Registration: Online until 20 Oct 2019
Number of participant required: 30
Place: poly campus
Requirement: participant need to come with their laptop
Use the following link to register

Sat, 10/12/2019
Bahir Dar Institute of Technology, Bahir Dar University